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DocBLITZ ™implemented in 8 branches of Bank of Kathmandu for LC and credit process`
DocBLITZ ™ implemented in Kumari bank to automate LC and Credit Process
UTL have implemented DocBLITZ ™ to archive important document and automate customer services
Nepal Telecom implemented Pigeon™ first ever SMS application gateway in Nepal
Nepal Telecom is upgrading its current Bill Printing solution for GSM subscribers with Print Solution from Nepasoft
(Printz ).
Apart from providing IT related services and customized developments, Nepasoft also has its own product lines that have been adopted by leading corporate houses of Nepal. Our Research and Development team is continuously improving and upgrading our products so that our customers can keep in pace with evolving IT advancements and challenging business environment.
DocBLITZ is an integrated solution that addresses the management of your organization's critical information stored in an electronic format through information captures, document imaging, and document management.

Document management allows organizations to exert control over the production, storage, management, and distribution of electronic documents yielding greater efficiencies in the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of documents.

DocBLITZ is built with comprehensive security and encryption features that enable organizations to securely store and retrieve confidential documents from the most basic to highly classified security level. Such advanced features fully protect important corporate information from unauthorized usage, thus giving users full corporate security. Its scaleable design allows for easy configuration of the solution to suit specific business and operational needs.

Versatile and scaleable, DocBLITZ effectively addresses personal, workgroup and enterprise's needs to better manage documents.
DocBLITZ provides extensive workflow features to automate complete document business process. DocBLITZ Workflow is the automatic movement of documents along a pre-defined path. It controls the flow, updates and tracks information of the workplace. It also guarantees that a process or set of steps are followed thoroughly and completed correctly.

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