E-Discovery Solution
Our expertise, combined with innovative technology, allows us to identify and manage data throughout the litigation life cycle. Nepasoft Solutions’ eDiscovery technology allows our clients to find and provide electronic information that includes but are not limited to Emails, Documents, Presentations, Databases, Voicemail messages, Audio/video files, Social media content and Websites. We also use Lucene Core™’s Java Library to provide powerful indexing and search features, as well as spellchecking, hit highlighting and advanced analysis/tokenization capabilities. Supplemented by a highly scalable Solr™ which is a high performance search server built using Lucene Core. Solr to help expose Lucene's features. And thus we make the search quick and effective and with our technology and experience we can manage the process from start to finish.
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Custom Software Solution
We design customized software applications which will specifically address clients’ needs more precisely than traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software can.
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Mobile/Web Solution
We create digital experiences for web and mobile that makes businesses grow. It is our belief that great design is not only about how it looks but also about how it works. As one of the leading IT companies in Nepal, we connect the dots between content and client making our websites and apps user-friendly and technologically complete.
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DBA Solution
Through our team of proven database experts, we provide Database Administration Service for businesses looking to reduce IT costs while increasing the stability and performance of database investments. Our DBA services include configuration and administration, capacity management and monitoring, performance tuning and storage disaster recovery.

Oracle Partner An Oracle PartnerNetwork Member in Nepal.
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Solution Approach

01. Analysis & Design
Based on the task list, necessary documents such as use case, class diagram, sequence, DFD etc are prepared.

02. Development
Based on the design documents team lead and developer implements unit test and develops codes ensuring it meets the coding standard. The codes are checked in SVN repository.

03. Quality Assurance
Test Cases are prepared/ updated for modules to ensure any functionality is not missed by ad hoc testing. For certain cases automated release checklist testing is done over a control data set. Bugs encountered during testing are stored in bug tracking system.

04. Release
The final product is released with proper version